digital systems

We Build Smart Digital Systems

We focus on the design and integration of artificial intelligence systems, so data can be harnessed in real time and translated into functional business information.

Our Strengths

Data Flow

Improve and rethink your business and processes through digital transformation

Data Analytics

Generate insights through visualization and analytics of your existing data in digital dashboards

Data Learning

Use powerful learning algorithms to discover new business opportunities and track hitherto unsolvable problems



Johan is the founder of Nexys and a developer with experience in systems design, machine learning and quant finance. He has been developing softwares and consulted for over a decade in five different countries.
Johan graduated both from EPFL '10 and ETH Zurich '12.


Philipp started out as a consultant in the pharmaceutical industry after which he became an entrepreneur and focused on building business softwares with an emphasis on the healthcare industry. He holds degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the university of Basel and Management Sciences from ETH Zürich.


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